Firefront Mobile is in alpha testing on Android

by chriskisel, Wednesday, 19 July 2023 (3 months ago)
Firefront Mobile is in alpha testing on Android

Firefront Mobile is a mobile shooter that is in alpha for Android. Downloading via Google Play or bypassing it will not work, as this is a closed test. In addition, developers prohibit sharing content, otherwise they can ban the player.

Firefront Mobile can be signed in with Google Play or a guest account. The game probably does not support the Russian language, and there is no Russia among the countries participating in the alpha test. Up to 32 people can participate on one map, and an average match lasts about 15 minutes. The fighters will have to capture and hold the points, simultaneously destroying the enemies.

Before appearing on the map, Firefront Mobile players can opt for a body kit. Management can also be changed. I am glad that after death the player sees statistics, for example, how much damage, from which weapon and to which part of the body the enemy inflicted.


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