Football Manager 25 will start a new era of football

by chriskisel, Wednesday, 19 July 2023 (3 months ago)
Football Manager 25 will start a new era of football

While gamers on smartphones, PCs and consoles are waiting for the autumn release of Football Manager 24, developers from SEGA are already talking about Football Manager 25. Therefore, in 2024, we should expect the franchise to switch to a new engine – Unity. In the history of game development, especially cross-platform games, this is always a bad sign, as the game studio needs time to transition and fix bugs.

Football Manager 25 will be developed from scratch. The developers have a lot of groundwork for 20 years of experience in creating football simulators, so there will be no problems with the transition to the “new generation”. Another question is how much effort, time and money are they going to spend on optimizing the Unity game for smartphones?

It is noted that the transition to Unity will be a major change in the franchise in 20 years. Prior to this, Football Manager was developed on the internal SIOS engine. The studio’s eye fell on Unity because of the cool tools the engine provides out of the box, including realistic lighting.


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